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Hunan Attractions: Mysterious & Bautiful Land of Hunan

Hunan has a long history and a great number of cultural relics, historic sites and a beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains. The well-known scenic areas, such as Zhangjiajie, Fenghuang Ancient Town,Tianme Mountain, Langshan Mountain,Mt.Hengshan, Wulingyuan, Yueyang Tower, Dongting Lake and Shaoshan-the home village of Mao Zedong, are all the national major famous scenic areas,among which Wulingyuan Scenic Area and Langshan Mountain were included in the World Heritages by UNESCO. Besides Emperor Yan's Mausoleum, Yuelu Academy-one of the four famous academies in the Song Dynasty,and Taohuayuan,etc,are all quite familiar to the visitors Hunan is also one of the birthplaces of the new democratic revolution of China, therefore, the former residences of Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi and the sites of the Autumn Uprising and Pingjiang Uprising have long been the famous tourist sites.

Top Ten Hunan Attractions

Fenghuang Ancient Town
             Wulingyuan Scenic Area
                              Fenghuang Ancient Town
Tianmen MountianZhangjiajie Glass Bridge
                  Tianmen Mountain                            Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon


Yueyang Tower

Nanyue Mountain
       Shaoshan       Yueyang Tower      Hengshan Mountain


Yellow Dragon Cave
    Langshan MountainTaohuayuan Scenic Area    Yellow Dragon Cave

More Attractions In Hunan

  1. Famous Mountains

    Badagong Mountain   Huping Mountain     Dawei Mountain    Wulei Mountain    Mangshan Mountain Jiuyi Mountain

  2. Rivers & Lakes

    Baofeng Lake, Liuye Lake, Dongting Lake, Dongjiang Lake,Maoyan River, Mengdong River,Xiang River,Zi River, Lishui River,Yuan River,Miluo River

  3. Parks

    Changsha Orange Island Park, Yuelu Mountain Park, Tianxn Park,Red Stones Park,Junshan Island Park

  4. Rural Villages

    Laopeng Village, GaoyiDong  Village, Dehang Miao Village,Luoping Tujia Village

  5. Ancient Towns

    Furong Ancient Town,Liye Ancient Town, Jinggang Ancient Town,Biancheng Ancient Town,Qianjiang Ancient Town,Hongjiang Ancient Town

  6. Historic & Culture Sites

    Yuelu Academy,Mawangdui Tom Museum(Hunan Museum),Chengtoushan Culture Site Park, Tujia Folk Customs Park, South Great Wall,Aizhai Bridge,Jiashan Temple,Puguang Temple,Liushaoqi's Former Residence,He Long's Former Residence, Leifang's Former Residence,48-Village Scenic Area,Laosicheng Culture Site,Suxianling Park,Zhijiang 2st-World War Park

  7. Natural Scenic Spot

    Jiutian Cave, Ziquejie, Boyue Cave,Dragon King Cave,Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon,Zuolong Gorge

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