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Developing Transportation In Hunan

Hunan Transportation is developed speedly during these years.According to the statistics from the Hunan Provincial Statistic Bureau, by the end of 2014, Hunan's total converted turnover volume of freight traffic was 513.76 billion ton-km, a year-on-year Changsha Airportincrease of 6.9 percent. The turnover volume of goods traffic was 415.93 billion ton-km, a growth of 7.7 percent. Of the total, goods transported via rail were 85.83 billion ton-km, a decrease of 11.5 percent, and that by road was 257.89 billion ton-km, increasing by 10.7 percent. The total turnover volume of passenger traffic was 178.01 billion person-km, a rise of 5.5 percent. Of the total, passengers traveling by rail increased to 89.12 billion person-km, 2.9 percent higher than the previous year; that by road grew to 77.65 billion person-km, up by 7.6 percent, and that utilizing civil aviation reached 10.96 billion per-km, increasing by 12.9 percent.

The total highway mileage amounted to 236 thousand kilometers, 0.4 percent higher than that at the end of previous year. Among which, the expressway mileage increased by 409 kilometers to 5,493. Railway mileage totaled 4.5519 thousand kilometers, increasing by 13.0%, among which high-speed railway mileage increased by 506 kilometers to 1,110. The total number of motor vehicles for civilian use reached 4.434 million, up by 11.5 percent, private-owned vehicles stood at 3.933 million, growing by 20.2 percent, and cars for civilian use numbered 2.341 million, up by 20.1 percent.

By Air

There are 5 airports in Hunan Province, such as Changsha Huanghua International Airport,Zhangjiajie Hehua International Airport, Changde Taohuayuan Airport, Huaihua Zhijiang Airport.The Huanghua Airport of Changsha has opened more than 120 international and domestic air routes. International scheduled flight mainly fly from Changsha to Seoul, Cheonju and Taegu of South Korea, and Bangkok of Thailand; Moscow of Russia, ,Male of Maldives,and domestic scheduled flights mainly fly to Hongkong

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By Train

Train to Hunan is very easily,eapecially after the two high-speed railways of Shang-Kunming and Guangzhou -Wuhan  finished in 2009,The Wuhan-Guangzhou passenger dedicated line, as the corridor of high-speed railways, has brought the cities and even Taiwan and mainland closer.  Read More: Railway In Hunan    Railway Stations in Hunan  Travel to Hunan by High-Speed Railway

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By Highway

Highway In Hunan,Hunan witnesses a steady improvement in its transportation network, with a continually increased highway mileage. As of 2013, the provincial highway mileage had reached 235,400 kilometers. With the opening of Huaihua-Tongdao Expressway, Yanling-Rucheng Expressway and another 11 expressways, the traffic mileage increased by 1,125 kilometers. Currently, the total expressway mileage stands at 5,084 kilometers, ranking fourth in the country. Expressways run through 111 counties, cities and districts across the province. In addition, Hunan has 158 civil aviation routes, 8,015 motorboats and 881 railway locomotives. Read More: Highway In Hunan

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