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Zhuzhou Overview

Hunan Map.jpgZhuzhou, located to the southeast of Changsha and bordering Jiangxi to the east, is the second largest city in Hunan Province and part of the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiang City Cluster.  Zhuzhou City, named Jianning in the past, located in the eastern part of Hunan Province and aside the middle reaches of Xiangjiang River, with geographical position 112°57'~114°07' east longitude and 26°03'~28°01' north latitude, is an important polar place in "Changzhutan Golden Triangle". With an area of 11,420 square kilometers and a population of 3.65 million, it consists of four districts (Tianyuan, Lusong, Hetang, and Shifeng), Liling city and four counties (Zhuzhou, Youxian, Chaling, Yanling).

Zhuzhou Facts
Chinese Name: 株洲 (zhū zhōu)
Population: 3,750,000
Area: 11,262 square kilometers (4,348 square miles)
Nationalities: Han
Administrative Division: 4 districts (Tianyuan, Hetang, Lusong, Shifeng); 4 counties (Zhuzhou, Youxian, Chaling, Yanling); 1 county-level city (Liling)
Seat of the city government: No.58, Tiantai Road, Tianyuan District

Zhuzhu History
Zhuzhou, formerly Jianning, is a city in Hunan Province, China, southeast of Changsha beside the Xiangjiang River. Zhuzhou is a time-honored city. In the early 1980s, ruins of four and six thousand years ago were discovered here. One of the primogenitors of Chinese nation and the initiator of Chinese agrarian culture, Yan Emperor, is at the rest in Yanling County. Jianning is the old name of the city, and the name of Zhuzhou was initially used in the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). During the initial post-liberation period, Zhuzhou is just a small town under Xiangtan, but the city now is a big city of Hunan with millions of population.

Geography of Zhuzhou
The city is situated in the east of Hunan Province, on the middle reaches of the Xiangjiang River. It is bordered by Jiangxi Province in the east. Changsha, the capital city of the province, is adjacent to its north, only 50 kilometers (31 miles) far away. Together with Changsha and Xiangtan, they constitute the most important economic development zone of Hunan.
The region has a typical hilly landform with the terrain generally slopes downwards from southeast to northwest. The Xiangjiang River winds south-north through the city. On the whole, plain and hill make up the main components of Zhuzhou's territory.

Zhuzhu Climate
This region is definitely a fertile land enjoying favorable humid monsoon climate in subtropical zone. The annual average temperature falls between 16 and 18 degree centigrade (60.8 and 64.4degree Fahrenheit).

Zhuzhou Economy
Zhuzhou is the second largest city in Hunan Province, and it's an industrial city with four key industries are metallurgy, machine manufacture, chemicals and building materials. Zhuzhou became one of the eight key national-wide industrial cities in the 1st Five-Year-Plan. 4 out of 156 key projects were set up in Zhuzhou. Later on, more than 20 important factories were built in Zhuzhou. Zhuzhou's high-tech industrial development zone was approved by the State Council in December 1992 and was designated in a 35 km² area next to the Xiangjiang River.
There are many good quality and key industrial products produced in this city, such as Electrical Locomotives, Motorcycles, Nonferrous Metals, Fertilizers, Chemicals and Cemented Carbide. Siemens, Yamaha, Mitsubishi and many other multinational companies have invested in Zhuzhou. It has one national level Economic Development Zone and several provincial level development areas. Nowaday, companies with long-sight strategy started learning and developing their own technological barriers.

Zhuzhou Tourism
It is not a tourist city with any notable landmarks. Visitors may want to spend time visiting YanKing Square (named for Shen Nong) with it's sweeping views of Zhuzhou and large statue paying tribute to this legendary figure. Much of the areas beauty was destroyed by the new factories that were erected to produce mass amounts of steel and other industrial commodities.

 It is part of the "ChangZhuTan Golden Triangle" (comprising the cities of Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan). Zhuzhou is located in a subtropical monsoon climate zone and with its abundant mineral and organic resources has one of the highest agricultural yields in Hunan Province. Zhuzhou is a new industrial city, about 50 km from Changsha, and the largest transport hub south of the Yangtze River.During the processing of development in new century, the municipal party commission and government is implementing the striding development strategy. We welcome from our hearts friends home and abroad come to Zhuzhou to visit, invest and develop. Let's build Zhuzhou's glorious future band in hand!


Zhuzhou locates in subtropical monsoon climate zone, so it has warm weather, abundant rainfall, long growing period of crops, and kinds of landforms. With abundant mineral and organic resource, Zhuzhou is one of the regions of high and stable agricultural yield in Hunan Province. In 1996, Zhuzhou became the first city whose rice output exceeding one ton per mu in China. The industry category is complete in Zhuzhou. It has been formed gradually that metallurgy, machinery, chemical and building materials industry are Zhuzhou's four pillar industries and electron, electric-power, coal, ceramics and other industries have been made Zhuzhou's new industry system. More than 50 China's firsts have come into being in succession, including China's first air-engine, first electric locomotive, first carbide alloy top hammer. Zhuzhou is really key industry base in Hunan Province and south China, of which industry output volume stands second place in 14 cities Hunan Province.

Aged-old history and culture: Emperor Yan, one ancestor of Chinese nationality, was buried in Yanling County. The Mausoleum of Emperor Yan is a famous place in China and has the famous name of "the First Mausoleum of China". Every year, a lot of people come here to worship the ancestor, large memorial ceremony is held periodically by provincial and municipal government and social group. Touring resource is abundant in Zhuzhou. Many scenic spots, such as Dajing, Jiubujiang, Taoyuandong, are comfortable place for people to visit and travel.

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