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Shanghai Travel Guide

Shanghai Travel Guide

Shanghai is China’s most modern city—a must-see travel destination for any visitor who wants a sneak preview into China’s future.With a long history as a gateway to China and the Yangtze River delta,Shanghai  is  the largest economic and trade center in China, and one of China's cultural centers.Today, Shanghai is set to recapture the title of Asia’s leading business and financial center, as well as a top tourist destination.  After plummeting from prominence during the Mao days, China’s new top dog, Deng Xiaoping, chose Shanghai as the center of China’s commercial renaissance in 1990.  In the construction boom that followed, it was reported that half of the world’s construction cranes were in Shanghai in the late 1990’s.

History of Shanghai

In the 1920-30s, Shanghai was the largest and most important international city of not only China, but of the entire Asia-Pacific region.  Shanghai was one of the treaty ports that the British forced open in 1842 after winning the so-called Opium Wars, opening the floodgates for British, French, Russian, American and other Western powers...More

What to see in Shanghai ?

Shanghai is a must-see destibations of China which features its charmful atrractions. Most of tourists are attracted to Shanghai from worldwide. The below are top attractions in Shanghai...More

The Bund  is one of the toppest atrractions in Shanghai which is located on the bank of Huangpu River in downtown Shanghai. It is one of the city’s biggest highlights. Must-see attractions around it include the Oriental Pearl Tower and Jinmao Tower. Since 1943, the Bund has also been known as Zhongshan First East Road, which measures about 1.5 kilometers in length. It starts from Yanan East Road in the south and extends to Waibaidu Bridge on Suzhou Creek in the north. To its east is Huangpu River. To its west are 52 classic buildings of Gothic and Baroque styles which used to house old Shanghai’s financial institutions and trading companies; therefore, the Bund is now acclaimed as an outdoor museum of international architecture...More

Yu Garden,also called Yuyuan Garden, is located in the Middle Fangbang Road,Shanghai City. It is an ancient property owned by a Ming dynasty official and is the only Ming garden in the northern part of the Old City. Built in 1559, the 2-hectare garden has been around for over four centuries. It boasts over 40 ingeniously conceived, well laid out ancient buildings, which have interesting names like Iron Panther, Moon Tower and Hearing-Waves Pavilion...More 

Shanghai Old Street is located beside City God Temple and Yuyuan Garden in the city center of Shanghai . At some narrow alleys beside Shanghai Old Street, there are many small neighborhoods where a lot of local people still live in. With good location and special touring experiences, Shanghai Old Street is a very popular place for tourists to Shanghai ...More

Pearl of the Orient Tower is located in Shanghai's Pudong Park in the financial district of Lujiazui, on the edge of Pudong District, just across the Huangpu River from the Bund. The tower is located - on a north-south axis, roughly - in between Shanghai's two downtown Huangpu River bridges, the Yangpu to the northeast and the Nanpu to the southwest. Pearl of the Orient Tower,well known as Dongfang Mingzhuta,  is a 468-meter-high communication tower. Pearl of the Orient Tower is the second highest tower in Asia, and the fourth highest tower in the world. ...More

Zhujiajiao Ancient Town is a popular place to attract tourists whichi is found  within the suburbs of Shanghai City .Zhujiajiao Ancient Town is called as Water Town because it is surrounded by water is because it sits right in between lakes and mountains. There are the numerous water passageways which run in between homes and infrastructures...More

When to go ?

Shanghai is located in southeast of China,it's a popular destinaation to visit i whole year.Shanghai weather is generally mild and moist, with four distinct seasons - a pleasant warm spring, a hot rainy summer, a comfortable cool autumn and an overcast cold winter. The region's location at the estuary of the Yangtze River to the East China Sea makes it so wet that it rains for about one third of the year.
The hottest time here comes in July and August, with more than 10 days at temperatures above 35 C (95 F). The coldest time is from the late January to early February. The spring from March to May is recommended as the best time to pay a visit

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