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Chenzhou Travel Guide

Chenzhou, a toutsit city which is located in southeast of Hunan Province, is the southern gateway of Hunan and a well-known "home of non-ferrous metals".Chenzhou city also has a volleyball training camp where the Chinese national women's volleyball team had many intensive training sessions under its former coach (now sports minister) Yuan Weimin when it captured five successive world titles at the World Cup, the World Championships and the Olympic Games in the early and mid-1980s.

Chenzhou Facts
Chinese Name: 郴州市 (chēn zhōu shì)
Population: 4,560,000  
Area: 19,317 square kilometers (7,458 square miles) 
Nationalities: Han

Administrative Division: 2 districts (Beihu, Suxian); 8 counties (Guiyang, Yongxing, Yizhang, Jiahe, Linwu, Rucheng, Guidong, Anren); 1 county-level city (Zixing) 

Seat of the City Government: 9, Wuling Lu, Beihu District 

Geography of Chenzhou

Night view of Chenzhou CityThe city is located in the southwest region of Hunan Province, neighboring Yongzhou in the west, Zhuzhou and Hengyang in the north. It is also bounded on the east by Jiangxi Province and on the south by Guangdong Province. The capital city of Hunan, Changsha, is about 350 kilometers (217 miles) away.  

Mountainous and hilly areas make up about three fourths of the city. The terrain generally declines from the southeast to the northwest. Mountains occupy the main part of its southeast region, while the northwest is mixed with hills, hillocks and plains.

History of Chenzhou

Chenzhou has a history of over 2,200 years with a profound culture and historic details. The ancient Shennong invented ploughs, legendary Sudan rode crane, great poets of Han Yu, Liu Zongyuan and Zhou Dunyi etc. left their poems in Chenzhou.

An ancient form of the character 'Chen' consisted of two characters, meaning town in forest. Chen, as a county was first built in the Qin Dynasty under the administration of Changsha Shire. Through a thousand years of changes, the Chenzhou has always been the center of administrative organizations here.       

What to see in Chenzhou?

Chenzhou is famous for its beautiful, precipitous, and unique landscape composed of mountains, lakes, caves, hot springs and grotesque rocks. As for tourism, Chenzhou is a newly developed tourist city for hunting, rafting, water recreations, recuperation, holidays, sports and sightseeing and gains a high reputation both at home and abroad.

Dongjiang Lake
Mangshan Mountain
             Dongjiang Lake
Suxian Hill
Banliang Ancient Village
            Suxian Hill
          Bianliang Ancient Village

Chenzhou also has abundant tourism resources. The scenic attractions include one of the 18 retreats of Taoist immortal at Mount Suxian, Dongjiang Lake, a unique cave at Wanhua Rock, the National Geological Park at Mount Feitian, southern China's only international hunting ground at Mount Wugai and the National Forest Park at Mount Mangshan...More

How to reach Chenzhou?

By Train: Chenzhou City borders with Guangdong Province,it is only one hour's taking bullet train from Guangzhou.Chenzhou Railway Station is in the Jiefang Lu, Beihu District, and the new railway station is located at Zenghuling with service beginning in 2008. When the Wuhan-Guangzhou Railway is completed in the near future, it will be about a one-hour trip to Guangzhou and Changsha. 

By Bus: Hengyang is about a two-hour drive from Chenzhou. That is to say, visitors can add Mt. Hengshan to their trip around Chenzhou. It will take five hours from downtown Chenzhou to Changsha, and three hours to Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport. The city's central bus station is in Guoqing Bei Lu.

When to visit Chenzhou?

Actually, Chenzhou is an all-year-round tourist destination, especially pleasant in spring and autumn. If aiming at drifting in Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area, late April to late October is the most suitable season. 

Chenzhou Travel Tips

Special Local Products in Chenzhou: Linwu Duck, tea (Linglong Tea of Guidong County, Bitter Tea of Rucheng County, Gounao Tribute Tea of Zixing), Guidong dried fungus, pinto beans.

Drafting in Dongjiang River will require two hours. Usually, visitors should first get to the Dongjiang Dam by bus in the early morning, and go yachting to Huangcao Town. They are advised to get there before 09:00 am, and then to take the special bus to the starting point, Longwang Miao (Dragon King Temple). 

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