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Changde Travel Guide

Changde City,located in northwest part of Hunan Province, is separated from Yiyang by West Dongting Lake in the east. It neighbors Zhangjiajie in the west and its northand Hubei Province is just adjacent it. Changde City is a transport hub, an energy-production base, and cultural center in the northweate Hunan Province, with a population of 6.1195 million. Its large enterprises include the Changde Tobacco Plant and the Jinjian Rice Processing Plant. Aquatic products from Dongting Lake are also economically important...More

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What to see in Changde ?

Changde has more than 300 places of tourism interest. The Peach Blossom Source is said to be the Chinese Shangri la or the ideal paradise of the ancient people in China. The Chengtoushan ruins in Lixian County date back 8,000 years. Jiashan Temple at Shimen is a 1,000-year-old Buddhist center and said to be the source of the Japanese tea ceremony. The tomb of Monk Fentianyu next to the temple has been ascertained by scholars of the history of the Ming Dynasty as the tomb of Li Zicheng, leader of a peasant uprising, who lived a secluded life as a monk after his failure to overthrow the dynasty. The 2,500 m long wall of poems in Changde set a Guinness record as the world’s longest tablet inscribed with poems. The UN Natural Wetland Protection Zone of west Dongting Lake and the Mount Huping National Nature Reserve both have natural charms...More Read

Enjoy peaches blossoming in Taohuayuan Scenic Area

In Spring,peaches are blossoming in Taohuayuan Scenic Area.It is the best time to see the view of peaches blossom land in March and May.Well-known for its beautiful peach flowers, Taohuanyuan Scenic Area holds the Peach Blossom Festival on the 8th of March each year for visitors to enjoy its cloudy sea of peach flowers.In 2017, Taohuayuan Resort will host the 28th annual Peach Blossom Festival. This festival will last for two months from the 8th of March, to the 8th of May. Xidongting Wetland ParkThe theme of the Peach-Blossom Festival is “Welcome Hunan, Enter Taohuayuan”, which will mainly exhibit culture and the historical heritage of civilisation, and further publicised two kinds of brand-tours— the “flower-viewing tour” and the “culture-understanding tour.”

Bird-Watching to Xidongting Wetland and Huayanxi National Forst Park

Xidongting Wetland is like a natural maze. There are abundant waterways and various islands with endless reeds together with a rich production of fish and rice. It is also known as a biological gene bank because it is the habitat for 416 different wet plants, 217 species of birds, and 118 species of fish...More

With a special geographic location,Huayanxi is well known for its majestic natural sceneries, typical topographic features, and well-preserved ecological environment. With forest coverage of over 95%, Huayanxi boasts a multitude of rare plants and animals. From March to September every year, thousands of egrets live and breed here, which earns Huayanxi the beautiful name of “the kingdom of egrets”. In order to promote eco-tourism, Dingcheng District Government has designated every 6th of June as “the Huayanxi Egret Festival”...More

Top Changde Attractions

ToahuayuanChangdeLiuye Lake
Peach Blossom LandChangde Poem WallLiuye Lake

Xingdeshan Mountain

Jiashan TempleHuping Mountain
Xingdeshan MountainJiashan TempleHuping Mountain
Chengtoushan RelicsHuayanxi National Forest ParkXidongting Lake
Chengtoushan RelicsHuayanxi National Forest ParkXingdongting Wetland

When to visit Changde?

Bearing a subtropical humid monsoon climate, the city of Changde has four distinct seasons and abundant rainfall. Its annual average temperature falls around 16.7 degree centigrade (62.1 degree Fahrenheit). Actually, the east part has a higher mean temperature than the west because of its landform. The weather in both spring and autumn is favorable. In the spring, it is the flowering season of peach blossom which can be seen all over the mountains. Every year in late March, Taohuayuan Scenic Area holds a peach flower festival, and the festival usually lasts one month.

How to get there?

With good infrastructure facilities, Changde has railways, an expressway, airport, water transportation, customs and commercial inspection facilities. It is also one of the major central cities receiving special attention from the provincial government.In Changde City,a three-dimensional transport network composed of highways, railways, air and water transport has taken shape.

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